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How My Fucsia born Feel free to play

My Fucsia is a concept by Emanuele Pangrazi, award-winning Italian designer and creative director.  Following many years as consultant for international design-oriented manufacturing, he started his own entrepreneurial venture under different international brands. Its unique eccentric design pieces express the vision of a different world, fulfilling new needs.  My Fucsia grew up as a pure provocation to free the taboo of self-eroticism through collectible and showable dildos, with a personality that refers to unusual thought, to logics and worlds far from the specialized objects.

The author, about the project:

“During the concept generation and development, I realised how such this product might represent in its own 21 cm small way, a symbol of freedom. The freedom of being ourselves and to be able to claim our right to pleasure without hiding, breaking the profuse dichotomy between sex and vulgarity.”

The idea, based on strongly symbolic totemic objects and rooting in any ancient civilization, has been shown in many forms and colours during the history, as a symbol of fertility and power.  My Fucsia reveals to be a small totem, son of its own time for style and identity, and able to offer a new and sober vision of self-sexuality.